Breaking a constitutional convention much worse than lying to voters, insists David Cameron

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Prime Minister David Cameron has attacked the House of Lords after it voted to delay tax credits cuts that he openly lied about on national television.

A furious Mr Cameron insisted that the upper house had ridden roughshod over conventions dating back to 1909, and that’s much, much worse than an enormous fib dating back to just before the general election.

“We will address this constitutional issue,” he promised.

“A convention exists and it has been broken. A broken promise is nothing compared to a broken convention.”

“We live in a democracy where people are free to choose their dictators, and our democracy must be upheld.”

A visibly shaken George Osborne was equally critical as he faced the prospect of a major rethink.

“Low-paid workers or, as we now call them, hardworking scroungers will be better off as a result of us taking their money away,” he explained.

“All the reports and studies that have been carried out show the exact opposite but they will definitely be better off.”

“Would I lie to you?”