Man who came into the office with cold a ‘hero’ say friends and colleagues

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A man who came into work despite having a cold has been hailed as a superman and a hero.

Simon Williams arrived at his desk on Tuesday morning at 8.30 am as normal and was asked how he was by colleagues.

“Not that great actually,” came the unusual reply, “in fact, I’m feeling pretty rough if I’m honest.”

Mr Williams spent the rest of the day with a sore throat coughing painfully but still managing to do a really quite important sales spreadsheet that should give the department some leverage at the big meeting next week.

“I can’t praise Simon enough,” said Mr Williams’ line manager.

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“To come into work with a cold? I mean, he is clearly more God than man. He’s a hero for our times. In fact ‘hero’ is too small a word, he’s more a superhero.”

“But not Batman, though. One with super powers. The Flash or something.”

And it’s not just his boss who was impressed. All the girls definitely fancy him now.

“I never really noticed Si before,” said Kelly on the front desk, who’s really quite fit.

“But coming into work with a cold? That’s amazing. I really, really want to get off with him now.”

Even Stephen Emmsworth, who secured a promotion ahead of Mr Williams was grudgingly impressed.

“Yeah, I admit it, Si’s better than me, if I hadn’t cheated in some way, he’d have got the promotion he deserved.”

Sadly Mr Williams’ condition has declined and, after infecting several colleagues, he has been forced to bed with a severe fever where he imagined all of the above.