World leaders not keen to be photographed with new Canadian Prime Minister

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Leaders of major nations around the world have insisted they are in no hurry to be photographed with new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

With many leaders insisting that any photo opportunity that includes them and Trudeau is likely to resemble the DVD cover of 80’s comedy ‘Twins’, diplomacy between Canada and the rest of the world will probably be completed by phone for the foreseeable future.

A spokesperson for David Cameron explained, “We get on fine with Canada, just fine. There’s really no reason for us to have a meeting, and if we do it will be behind closed doors.”

“We must respect Prime Minister Trudeau’s privacy, and ensure there are no photographers present if we should ever meet by accident.”

“I’m sure he’s a lovely man in person, but I’m afraid I’m in absolutely no hurry to find out.”

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Political analyst Simon Williams said that Trudeau is unlikely to be invited to visit many other countries in his role as Canadian leader.

he explained, “The simple fact is that when photographed next to him, most politicians will look like a badly dressed turnip.”

“No-one wants that.”