Tax credit cuts ‘really hilarious’ says Cameron

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The Prime Minister yesterday defended his Treasury’s controversial plans to slash Tax Credits saying it would be really funny.

“Look, I don’t think I’m alone in finding the poor and their ways amusing,” he said while feasting on a roasted haunch of endangered snow leopard.

“What with their Findus crispy pancakes and their high level of childhood disease.”

“I’m sure that before long we’ll see all sorts of tremendously unpleasant people on benefit claimant crutches sobbing on television about which child they have to sell first.”

“Who won’t enjoy that?”

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The threshold at which people will be able to claim tax credits will drop from six thousand to three thousand pounds, which led to a tearful Question Time outburst from working Mum Michelle Dorrell.

“My word, I nearly fell off my sofa,” continued the Prime Minister, juices from the rare succulent meat dripping off his chin.

“When she started crying! I tell you, I was laughing so hard, the butler had to come and slap me on the back.”

“Obviously, I had to let him go for striking his betters, but the fact remains; it was a very funny sight, and I certainly look forward to more like it.”

He then pointed at a homeless man at the gate to Number 10, roared with laughter and slammed the door.