Flying DeLorean spotted in California

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Reports are coming in this morning of a flying car, believed to be a 1980s model silver deLorean, being seen in Hill Valley, California.

Local residents indicate the car has two occupants, although reports are sketchy at this time.

Curiously, well-known local science fiction author George McFly predicted such an event in his 1985 novel “A match made in Space”, although he was unavailable for comment.

Speculation is rife over how the flying vehicle may be powered, although some have suggested that fusion research in nearby Silicon Valley startups may be behind the stunt.

Local police have been called to the scene in response to reports that an experimental hoverboard being promoted by car company Lexus was stolen during a fracas by one of the occupants of the flying vehicle.

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Several arrests have been reported in the wake of the incident, including local youth gang leader Griff Tannen.

Local Mayor Goldie Wilson assured townsfolk that calm would be restored in time for the premiere of Jaws 19 this evening.

US government agencies have been quick to respond to the reports of unauthorised incursion into their airspace, scrambling both the national guard and fighter jets in case of any threat.

The military have already sealed off roads in and out of the area, although critics have pointed out the futility of such a gesture, given that where they’re going, they don’t need roads.