Caitlyn Jenner reconsiders manhood after ‘excruciating’ bikini wax

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Caitlyn Jenner is today rumoured to be reconsidering manhood after undergoing a traumatic bikini waxing experience ahead of a trip to the Bahamas this weekend.

Jenner, who recently underwent a much publicised gender transition, officially became a woman in September of this year and was believed to “very excited” about her Caribbean holiday.

“Wow! That was easily the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced,” revealed to reporters.

“I’ve broken bones, torn muscles and been kicked in my nuts hard enough to make them swell to the size of pumpkins, but having my pubes pulled out by a 110lbs, petite beautician was much worse than any of those.”

“I don’t understand. Why? Why do we have to do this?”

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“I thought becoming a woman was going to be about finally being comfortable in my own skin,” she continued.

“But nobody prepares you for the excruciating agony of having hair physically ripped from the most sensitive part of your body.”

According to Doctors at Los Angeles’ leading transgender facility, a new pain threshold treatment is being developed that will see men who go through gender transition finally have their tolerance for physical pain brought in line with their female counterparts.

“The simple fact is that despite outward appearances, women can handle pain far more effectively than men,” explained one doctor.

“We can change appearances, genitalia, and underlying hormonal balance, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do to increase a man’s pain threshold to the level of the average woman.”

“Well, apart from writing them a prescription for some pretty hardcore painkillers, obviously.”