Alien Megastructure within easy commuting distance of London, say estate agents

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An alien megastructure discovered at KIC 8462852 in the constellations of Cygnus and Lyra is conveniently situated for London and the M25, according to estate agents.

The discovery is slightly more than 1,500 light-years away, which property advertisers describe as “nicely positioned for a high quality of work/life balance” and suggest early releases will be snapped up.

The megastructure, described as an ‘exciting bijou executive development of colossal alien manufacturies and death stars”, has been named “Badger’s Gallop” in promotional material showing happy families and trees nestling in amongst blasted wastelands of lifeless rock and towering, inexplicable extraterrestrial constructions.

Adverts go on to highlight the fantastic views of Vega and Betelgeuse afforded by the property, and suggest that the site is idea for couples looking to start a family away from the city but close enough to allow an easy daily commute.

“I can tell you that it’s in the catchment area of a great school as well,” estate agent Simon Williams told us.

“Don’t think of 1,500 light years in terms of distance. Think of it as an opportunity to unwind from the pressures of the day before you get home as you cruise through beautiful unspoiled empty space.”

“And I guarantee you there are no traffic problems at all either way, at least until you hit junction 14.”

Flats at the megastructure are expected to be released to the market starting at £250,000 each, rising to £1.5m for exclusive properties. People are advised to buy early and not ask any difficult questions.