Stephen Fry quits QI to concentrate on winning role of James Bond

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Stephen Fry has quit as presenter of popular BBC quiz show QI in order to concentrate on his bid to be the next James Bond, he has announced today.

With the announcement that Daniel Craig is unlikely to play the role after the next film, Spectre, Fry is reported to believe he is in with a ‘real shot’ at the role as producers are reported to be looking to take the popular film franchise in a new direction.

He plans to spend the next six months in intensive training and diet regime to get himself into shape for auditions.

Fry has supported his bid by pointing out that he’s no older – and already considerably thinner – than Roger Moore was in A View to a Kill.

“I think I’d be a simply tip-top James Bond,” he told us.

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“He’s quintessentially British in many ways, always ready with a bon mot or quip at the expensive of anyone not as clever as him – which is my case is anybody, really – whilst dressing in the very height of British tailoring.”

“I’m made for the role, and I’ve already begun training for a fight scene involving a man with metal hands and an octopus inside a volcano, where I disarm him with my wit.”

“Metal hands? Octopus? Disarm? No? Oh well. Ten points to Alan’s team anyway.”

In an attempt to emulate Daniel Craig’s buffed-up physique Fry intends to take a brisk walk at weekends and almost halve the amount of Plum Duff he has for pudding.

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