England rugby fan qualifies as Irish supporter through grandparents

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English rugby fan Simon Williams has insisted it’s perfectly ok for him to support Ireland now, because his granddad was Irish.

With hosts England now out of the tournament, Williams says it makes perfect sense for him to identify as an Irish supporter, what with him being a quarter Irish.

He told us, “The Rugby World Cup is still going strong, and I still have an emotional stake in my team’s success. My team being Ireland, obviously.”

“Sure, a couple of weeks ago I was an English supporter, but I guess the Irish blood in me has finally been given a voice. A loud voice that seems to appear only during Ireland World Cup matches.”

“Er, to be sure?”

“Look, I have as much right to support Ireland as anyone else with an Irish grandparent, and if you check the rules an Irish grandparent is more than enough to qualify as an Ireland supporter.”

“In America the rules are even more relaxed and you can qualify as an Irish supporter through a single great-great-grandparent.”

“My next door neighbour doesn’t even like rugby, but he supports Ireland because he had his stag do in Dublin back in 1995.”

“So compared to him, I’m a hardcore fan.”

“I could have supported Wales I suppose, what with my mum being Welsh, but they’re playing South Africa so what’s the point?”