Coup for EU ‘Leave’ campaign as Tony Blair joins ‘Remain’ camp

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The campaign for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union received a boost yesterday as it was revealed that Tony Blair will play a prominent role in the campaign to stay in.

The EU ‘Out’ group had previously planned to campaign on its tried and trusted tactic of ‘foreigners are all weird and smell of garlic, so it would be best if we had nothing to do with any of them’.

“Well, obviously, that’s a solid, sensible and well-rounded argument,” said veteran anti-EU campaigner Nigel Farage, probably from a pub.

“But now we have the added boost that if it’s something Tony Blair thinks is a good idea, then most people are going to assume that it’s to be avoided.”

However, although the ‘Out’ campaign are seeing this as a coup, privately there are concerns about Tony Blair’s prominence on the ‘In’ campaign.

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“Well, obviously, not being on the same team as Blair makes us look good,” said an anonymous ‘Out’ campaigner.

“But the worrying thing is that he’s a bit bomb-happy, if we rub him up the wrong way who’s to say we won’t get a tactical missile strike on our back garden.”

“At least with Gordon Brown, he just calls you a bigot.”