Woman who boycotted Starbucks over tax avoidance ‘not keen’ on Facebook boycott

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A woman who happily told all her friends she would never set foot in another Starbucks after it was revealed they avoided UK tax, is proving reluctant to stop using Facebook for doing the exact same thing.

Sheila Williams spoke proudly of her Starbucks boycott when she discovered that due to a clever – and perfectly legal – diversion of profits, Starbucks was paying just 2% UK Corporation tax on its UK profits.

However, with Facebook also having paid pennies in the pound in corporation tax last year, Williams claims that a complete boycott of the social network is unlikely to be required.

She insisted her punishing Facebook in the same way as Starbucks probably isn’t the right way to go, because the two situations are completely different.

Williams explained, “It’s pretty simple really, Starbucks avoided paying UK tax in a business I don’t use or care about, whereas Facebook avoided paying UK tax in a business I am literally addicted to.

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“So a boycott wouldn’t really work against Facebook, and anyone who says it would is an idiot that I will happily unfriend immediately.”

Technology experts have said that any Facebook boycott would likely last about seven minutes, or until your next notification, whichever came sooner.

Another told us, “Just think, Facebook made global profits of $3bn, and we learn this the day after finding out the NHS has a £900m funding shortfall.

“If only the Chancellor of the Exchequer had the tools at his disposal to do something about these two completely unrelated situations.”