Entire Chinese nation confused why anyone would marry Jeremy Hunt

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The entire Chinese nation is at a complete loss as to why one of their own would move to England and marry Jeremy Hunt.

Questions were raised over the weekend as to why a Chinese national would feel compelled to move to England in order to be with the current Secretary of State for Health.

As one leading Chinese diplomat explained, “We must ask why people want to leave, and then look at the reasons given.”

“But ‘to marry Jeremy Hunt’ is just so baffling to all of us in the People’s Republic of China. I mean, why him?”

“We have looked long and hard at his history, his personality, his political achievements – and we have yet to find anything that would be even remotely attractive to anyone, let along someone from China.”

“Surely there must be a single redeeming feature somewhere inside his personality? Just one?”


Political commentators have said that a Chinese bride was always likely for Jeremy Hunt, what with everyone west of Pakistan already knowing who he is and what he’s like.

Our Chinese diplomat had the final word, telling us, “Ah, it says here he sold his company for £17m? I suppose that could be a clue?”