Liverpool fans getting impatient as Klopp enters second trophyless day

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Liverpool fans are growing impatient with new manager Jurgen Klopp as he began his second day on the payroll without securing the premier league title.

Early indications are that fans are unlikely to call for his head just yet, but club insiders say that fan frustration is already growing exponentially.

A Liverpool source told us, “The fans wants to win the Premier League, and Jurgen hasn’t yet done that for Liverpool, so of course his job is on the line – why wouldn’t it be?”

“In modern football you don’t get the time to build an empire like in the years gone by.  If he hasn’t won the Premier League by Christmas, don’t be surprised to see him on the way out.”

“Just because we’ve paid nearly £5m a year to secure his services doesn’t mean for one second he’ll be allowed an entire season to win the lucrative trophy – Liverpool didn’t get where it is today by working to other people’s timetables.”

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New Liverpool Boss

Klopp spoke to the media, telling reporters, “I thought the fans were joking, but the moment I signed the contract one fan looked me in the eye and said, ‘So, have we won it yet?’.”

“I can assure every Liverpool fan that I am doing everything in my power to find a way to deliver the Premier League before the leaves are off the trees.”

“But if they could just wait five goddamn minutes to find my desk, that would be nice.”