Writing clickbait headlines the only significant art form of the of 21st century, claim experts

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The writing of clickbait headlines is the only significant new art form to emerge in the first decades of the 21st century, art experts have confirmed today.

The feat of writing a single line of text which makes people feel compelled to look further despite knowing whatever comes next is a pile of shit is being described as an artistic achievement on a par with the discovery of perspective or Picasso’s Blue period.

Whilst many dislike clickbait, experts insist that being really unpopular is a sure sign of great art as that means only smug people like them can really appreciate it entirely.

“In an era defined by egregious examples of artistic cacafuego which simply references older, better periods, the clickbait headline is a heartwarming breakthrough in pungent, new, vibrant tone”, the ghost of Brian Sewell told us.

“In comparison with frightfully repetitive restatements of intellectually dead artistic mores developed in the 1990s which characterises much of the contemporary art ‘scene’, the clickbait headline is new, clever, and frankly inspiring.”

“I would suggest that you find out what this exciting new secret which is putting art galleries out of business actually is, rather than listen to the self-appointed so-called ‘experts’ who aren’t me.”

The National Gallery is to begin adding prime examples of sentences beginning “You won’t believe…” and “This guy thought he was taking a photo…” to its collection and archives, and are considering building a new wing to house important examples.

The new wing will house the “Local mum” gallery.