Poundland forced to charge £1 for carrier bags

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Poundland’s ‘Don’t ask the price, everything’s a pound’ slogan has backfired following the introduction of paid-for carrier bags.

The pound store’s unbreakable pledge that no product shall cost no more nor less than £1 means they will be unable to sell bags for 5p like everyone else, leading to concern their business model may be rendered unviable.

Price-savvy customers are already reported to be boycotting the chain and fulfilling their carrier bag needs at 99p shops instead.

“That whole ‘Everything £1’ thing seemed such a great idea at the time”, Poundland spokesman Simon Williams told us.

“But the Trades Descriptions Act means we’re going to have to charge £1 for carrier bags or change our entire business model.”

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“Because ‘Don’t ask the price, everything is a pound except carrier bags’ just doesn’t skip off the tongue, now, does it? And Poundexceptcarrierbagsland is even worse.”

“Bloody hippies.”

The chain plan to circumvent the difficulty by opening specialised shops selling only carrier bags called “Fivepenceland”.