Scientists redefine smallest unit of measurement as ‘hotel orange juice glass’

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Scientists have today redefined the smallest unit of measurement for volume as ‘hotel orange juice glass’.

The move comes after a team of researchers required the use of an electron microscope to locate their orange juice glass whilst staying at a Hilton hotel.

Lead researcher Simon Williams told us, “Science has been obsessed with tiny things for years now, you only have to look at the Large Hadron Collider and its tiny particles for evidence of that.”

“But the real frontier in the world of looking at tiny things is among those of us lucky enough to be researching the receptacles used by hotels to serve orange juice.”

“It’s incredibly satisfying work, and I remember the first time we actually got a photograph of one of these glasses in the lab. The cheers rang in my ears for hours.”

Williams went on to say it was difficult to explain to the layperson just how small these things actually are.

He went on, “People think of small things as something you can put in the palm of your hand, but did you know that you can get five hotel orange juice glasses inside one Higgs Boson?”