NRA welcomes Undertakers Association into the pro-gun lobby

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The National Rifle Association of America has welcomed the National Union of Undertakers as the latest group to support private gun ownership.

With the NRA’s pro-gun stance again under fire following yet another deadly mass shooting at a school, the organisation has welcomed the support of another group new to the pro-gun lobby.

The National Union of Undertakers has said that it believes strongly in the principle of people killing each other, and will fight any proposals the government dares to make that are aimed at preventing people killing each other really easily.

NUU spokesperson Chuck Williams told us, “Here at the NUU we are staunch supporters of second amendment rights, particularly when our members are having a quiet quarter, business wise.

“With 30,000 gun deaths a year in the US, and the average funeral costing $10,000, I don’t need to tell you that $300m is a fairly significant chunk of change that we want to protect for our members.

“Burying people killed by guns is actually a billion dollar industry, because parents don’t tend to scrimp on the more expensive options when burying a child that was shot to death at school.

“Long may the NRA support the freedom to own and shoot guns for the masses, and long may our members follow them round clearing up the lucrative devastation in their wake.”