La, la, la, we’re not listening, confirms NRA

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The National Rifle Association has confirmed that La, la, la, we’re not listening in a statement this morning.

The organisation issued the statement to make their position clear in the wake of yet another depressingly predictable mass shooting which left over a dozen people dead yesterday.

A spokesman wearing foam buds in his ears made the statement after the Association was asked to comment on  the apparent direct linear correlation between mentally ill people with firearms and mass shootings.

In response to media questions, the spokesman went on to say “La, la, la, can’t hear you”, before explaining further “La, la, la.”

“LA, LA, LA”, he added to increasingly searching enquiries.

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The NRA has maintained a consistent position of ‘La, la, la we’re not listening’ in recent years, despite many feeling that a more nuanced position is indicated by the mounting piles of corpses in America’s schools and movie theatres.

However, the Association insists that keeping firearms for self-defense is perfectly legitimate, and instead suggests that the definition of self-defense be broadened to include people asking difficult questions about guns.

When asked to comment, the NRA spokesman said “La, la, la.”