Gogglegogglebox to feature families watching Gogglebox

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Channel 4 has announced ‘Gogglegogglebox,’ a new, original programme that will feature couples and families around the country watching Gogglebox.

“We want to build on the success of Gogglebox by showing how people watch Gogglebox,” said showrunner Tanya Alexander.

“The drama of Leon eating a jam sandwich, the BNP one being insufferable, or weird Giles and Mary, who are clearly serial killers and cannibals, not understanding what football is; Gogglegogglebox will show how ordinary people react to these moments.

“And shitloads of dogs, obviously.”

The phenomenon of Gogglebox began several years ago, when Channel 4 had an hour going spare and couldn’t afford to buy any more episodes of ‘Big Bang theory’ because it had spent all its money on sweets and Jimmy Carr’s salary.

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A handful of webcams and narcissists later, and it became one of the most popular programmes in the country.

“Yeah, sounds brilliant,” said a clearly aroused avid Gogglebox fan Simon Williams.

“I love watching telly, and I love watching people watching telly on Gogglebox, so it stands to reason that I’ve love watching people watching people watching telly on Gogglegogglebox.”

Ms Alexander revealed that there were no plans to stop with Gogglegogglebox.

“Oh no, I’ve got literally hundreds of ideas; Gogglegogglegogglebox, Gogglegogglegogglegogglebox, I mean I could go on.

“Literally. For ever and ever.”