Smoking in a Volkswagen still better for you than standing behind one

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As a ban on smoking in cars comes into force, smokers have insisted you’re better off smoking inside a Volkswagen than breathing in whilst stood behind one.

Drivers and passengers who smoke with children in the car could now face a penalty fine of £50, but driving a Volkswagen next to children is still perfectly legal.

Health campaigner Simon Williams told us, “We have quite rightly brought in legislation against the harmful effects of smoking inside a Volkswagen, but where is the law about having one run its engine in front of you?”

“If recent news has taught us anything it’s that the Volkswagen in front of you could be pumping out all sorts of horrific chemicals directly into your lungs – but at least the smoker inside the car is probably making polite conversation whilst doing it.”

“The VW is like the silent prick blowing smoke in your face and not giving the tiniest shit about doing so.”

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Volkswagen owner Max Smith told us, “I don’t see the big deal to be honest, chemicals coming out of the exhaust don’t actually reach me inside the car, so I’m fine with it.”

“If you’re so keen to avoid breathing in any Volkswagen car fumes, then you should just go and live where there aren’t any Volkswagen cars, obviously.”