London doorman accepts compelling nightclub entrance appeal

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A central London doorman has given entry to a club after a compelling argument for entrance was made by a previously refused patron.

24-year-old Londoner Simon Williams was initially refused entrance to the club because the doorman believed he had consumed too much alcohol already that evening.

However Williams went on to outline in great detail precisely how much alcohol he had actually consumed in the previous three hours, whilst also explaining he had left his phone at home and was ‘meeting friends inside’ – factors that lead directly to a change of heart by the bouncer.

As one eyewitness explained, “It was a flat refusal of entry as far as I could tell, the type you see every weekend outside every club.”

“But then it got a bit strange. As soon as Mr Williams said he’d only had three beers all night, and articulated exactly what those three beers were, and where they were consumed, the bouncer seemed to calm down a bit.”

“And when Mr Williams explained that his friends would be worried about him if he didn’t go in as previously arranged, the bouncer looked genuinely concerned about the whole situation.”

“He ushered him straight through like he was some sort of VIP.”

We approached the club for comment, but were told we couldn’t come in, “not with those trainers on”.