Clearing printer paper jam added to Mensa IQ test

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The clearing of a printer paper jam is to be added to the Mensa IQ test in a bid to bolster standards, according to reports.

The oldest high IQ society in the world is keen to increase the difficulty of their quotient criteria and quickly identified the restoring of a paper stricken printer to a working state as the perfect challenge for prospective members.

Mensa spokesman, Simon Williams, said meaningless problem solving tests had been superseded by modern dilemmas which the society was eager to embrace for future exams.

“Knowing what relation Jane is to Jill when she is half-way up a mountain path taking a dump in the bushes is child’s play compared to trying to work out where on earth that chewed up piece of A4 is,” he told us.

“You have to take out the paper trays, put them back, check the screen which continues to say paper jam, pull out the ink cartridges, pull out some paper only to be told the paper jam remains in situ, pull out the paper trays again with your ink covered hand, stain the trays – arrgh – it’s enough to make your blood boil.”

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“We hear UKIP voters just go out and buy new printers.”

Williams went on to reveal Mensa we’re looking at further unfathomable modern exercises certain to confound even the most intellectual applicant.

“There’s the ‘where’s the remote control test’ – which is trying at best.”

“If you can follow that with the answer to ‘Why the fuck did the UK re-elect the Tories’ then wow, your clearly a genius.”