John McDonnell aligns himself with 16th Century domestic terrorist

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Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has sensationally aligned himself with a notorious 16th Century terrorist by declaring his support for a ‘Robin Hood’ tax.

The terrorist Robin Hood was hated throughout the land for stealing from local employers in order to fund the lifestyles of indolent wastrels whose problem was that they simply didn’t want to work.

McDonnell’s declaration follows hot on the heels of him staying in the notorious Brighton hotel where the IRA sensationally tried to assassinate Margaret Thatcher in the early eighties.

Since staying there, he has been seen to laugh several times, presumably callously at the near-death of Britain’s most-beloved Prime Minister.

The only conclusion that sensible people are drawing from this evidence is that Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is himself a terrorist, but what sort of terrorist?

The question that needs answering is, ‘Is he a supporter of the IRA, ISIS, the People’s Republic of Judea?’

All of them, probably.

But the most chilling clue to McDonnell’s true beliefs came in his Party conference speech on Monday – “Another world is possible,” he said, clearly indicating his wish that aliens invade and enslave humanity.

And probably immigrant, unemployed, radical Muslim aliens as well.