God weeps at child sex abuse, then gets on with his day, claims Pope Francis

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Pope Francis has told victims of child sex abuse that God weeps for their suffering, but not so much as to actually do anything about it.

The Pope spoke during his visit to the US, where he met with victims of abuse, some of whom were victims of catholic priests.

He told them, “Our Lord weeps when he thinks of your suffering, but not like how you weep when you care enough to want to take action.”

“It’s more like when you’re watching a sad film and you go ‘Oh, that’s sad’, grab a tissue, but then get on with your day and forget about it.”

“It’s not that God doesn’t love you, it’s just that he has more important things to be doing than taking direct action to stop priests fiddling with children.”

“You know that ‘mysterious ways’ thing we use to excuse the inexcusable? Well this is one of those.”

“Direct intervention in human activities on Earth is not something God is willing to do – unless it’s for something really important, you know, like putting his son’s face in some toast, or making a statue cry.”

“That takes a lot of energy, and he doesn’t have much energy left to think about ending any human suffering once the toast and statues are finished.”

“Anyway, the donation plate is over there, please give generously.”