Rugby World Cup changing room cameras ‘not being used to full potential’, claim women

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Cameras broadcasting from changing rooms during the Rugby World Cup really aren’t giving good value, said England’s women today.

The cameras are automated but producers only cut to them when the players are fully clothed and about to run out to the pitch.

“Which is stupid,” insisted Samantha Curran, “at the very least, we should get a ‘red button’ option. I know which I’d rather look at between John Inverdale’s face and a finely toned pair of rugger buttocks.”

“But I’m sure the same would go for most people really.”

ITV spokesperson Martin Green said “Yes, our audience poll bears that out.”

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“But nonetheless, we simply can’t film a load of naked Rugby players. This isn’t Channel 5 you know.”

“Actually no, Discovery Channel. That’s a better joke, write that down.”

The world’s Rugby players were all more than happy for the cameras to broadcast constantly, after a life of getting their knobs out for a laugh at public school.

“Wheyyy” said Tom Watts, prop forward for England, “no skin off my nose. Just maybe a little warning light to let us know if someone’s mum is watching.”

“Then I’ll DEFINITELY whip it out. Fnarr!”