Retaliation only acceptable on female medical staff, claims Mourinho

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Retaliation in football is only acceptable when it’s against female members of your medical team who insist on doing their job, claims Jose Mourinho.

The Chelsea manager, addressing the media after the FA rescinding a ban issued to Arsenal’s Gabriel, felt retribution in sport should only be allowed when punishing a female doctor who exhibits genuine concern for the welfare of injured players.

Speaking at the club’s Cobham training ground, he said, “The FA is setting a dangerous precedent here in dismissing the ban on a player who reacted violently to provocation.”

‘Are they suggesting we should ‘let off’ any female medical professional that goes around treating whoever they feel like when they do so in complete accordance with their professional standards?”

He continued, “Let me be clear, any woman has to be aware of the strict limitations applied to her contribution to the football industry in Britain.”

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“And that is nothing more than being the focus of prurient chants from the terraces.”

“Try to do anything more and she should expect the full retaliation of the management.”

A spokesperson for Women in Football, Hilary Mount, claimed Mourinho’s short-sightedness on the matter warranted the urgent attention of a medical team of his own.

“Expecting Eva Carneiro to ignore the on-field head injury of a player is beyond the pale.”

“Perhaps sending her on the pitch to administer a blow to the head of an opposition defender might have seen her awarded his Man-of-the-Match instead?”