Prince Philip offers to have Jeremy Corbyn ‘taken care of’ in a Paris car accident

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Prince Philip has reacted to Jeremy Corbyn’s national anthem snub by telling the Queen that he’ll happily have him ‘taken care of’ next time he goes to Paris.

The Queen’s husband is said to be furious that the leader of the opposition refused to sing a song asking a non-existent entity to save his wife from some unseen assailant.

Palace insiders said Philip has been plotting ever since, in an effort to ensure no-one ever snubs his wife ever again.

As one Palace insider told us, “I overheard him telling the Queen, ‘I can have him take care of, no problem. I know people’. He does know a lot of people, to be fair.

“Then he said the people he knows are in based in Paris, and was there any way the Queen could arrange a visit to the French capital for the leader of the opposition? Could she pull some strings?

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“Apparently Philip can get you a really good rate at the Hotel Ritz.”

There was then a short period where they consulted their diaries before Philip continued.

Our source said,”He finished by telling the Queen that it will send a message. He said ‘I promise you, after this there will be no shortage full-throated vocals next time the anthem needs singing in public. Leave it with me’.”

Our source concluded, “Honestly, I haven’t seen him looking this angry since someone made him stand still for two minutes for a photo with some war heroes.”