Jeremy Corbyn to arm-wrestle David Cameron at next Prime Minister’s Questions

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Jeremy Corbyn will continue to change the nature of Prime Minister’s Questions by challenging David Cameron to an arm-wrestling competition next week.

Mr Corbyn was praised for his first PMQs that saw him read out questions from the public in the manner of a Junior school teacher reading out the competition-winning questions from his pupils to the local vicar.

“I think it’s important to mix up the nature of PMQs,” said Mr Corbyn yesterday while not singing the Nation Anthem.

“So next week, I will be challenging Mr Cameron to an arm-wrestle. I’d been watching the 1987 Sylvester Stallone classic arm-wrestling film ‘Over the Top’ when I got the idea.”

Mr Crobyn will spend the week working on his biceps and triceps with weights, pull-ups and furious masturbation.

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However, Mr Corbyn is keen to be clear that this will not become the norm.

“No, I don’t want people to think that I’m just going to flit between arm-wrestling and asking the public’s questions,” he continued.

“I’ve got loads of ideas. One week, I’m just going to stare at Mr Cameron, that should really make him think.”

“Then, another week we’re going to do a pop-quiz; do you know who sung ‘Tarzan Boy?’ I do. Then another week we’ll have an online game of Call of Duty, my years as a backbencher have made me brilliant at computer games.”

The public remained largely ambivalent to the new format.

“PM-what, mate?” said hole-digger Simon Williams.

“Who gives a- I’ve got work to do, mate, it’s Wednesday lunchtime.”