Vile people eagerly anticipate Facebook ‘Dislike’ button

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People that you’d ideally like far away from you are rubbing their hands with glee at the news that a “dislike” button is being developed for Facebook.

The social network has previously stated that it didn’t want the spread of negativity that would arise from such an option.

“But then we realised that negativity actually gives a lot of people a raging hard-on, and that’s basically what the Internet is for,” said features developer, Simon Williams.

“Lots of people get their kicks out of expressing disapproval at the sight of a slightly curvy girl in a summer dress, and who are we to stand in the way of that?”

“Hit ‘Dislike’ and let the good times roll, I say.”

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“Brilliant” grinned Henry Wiggins, an arse-clown from Somerset.

“Sometimes writing ‘put some clothes on, you filthy slut’ just isn’t enough.”

“Now I’ve got a little bit of extra kick to go with my vile comments about blacks and women.”

“What a time to be alive!”