BBC slammed for fair and even-handed coverage of Jeremy Corbyn

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The BBC is facing increasing criticism for not providing hysterical and ludicrous character assassination pieces about Jeremy Corbyn.

“Bally disgrace,” said Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre as he rooted through Mr Corbyn’s private bins.

“We’re spending a tremendous about of time cooking up stories about this Corbyn chap; how he fought for Germany in the war, how he’s a convicted murderer, and the BBC thinks it’s acceptable to just say that he just went to a meeting?”

“Pack of communists, the lot of them. Should be bally well shot.”

The Sun, this morning running with a story about how Jeremy Corbyn dresses up as Chairman Mao for kinky commie sex sessions, was equally scathing.

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“We’re the people’s paper,” said Sun editor Tony Gallagher, as he sniffed Mr Corbyn’s wife’s underwear.

“So, it’s important we print exactly what the Government tells us to, which is something we take great pride in.”

Prime Minister David Cameron took time out from pointing and laughing at little old ladies as they fell over to comment on the issue.

“Look, this is exactly why we’ve got the BBC review taking place. We can’t have a national broadcaster providing fair and balanced reporting.”

“We’ve got the print media on our side, we’ve got Sky on our side; I don’t think it’s too much to ask the BBC to just occasionally point out that Jeremy Corbyn is Satan.”