Rupert Murdoch uses ‘Jimmy Savile-style car’

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Rupert Murdoch has been seen using the same type of vehicle as Jimmy Savile, according to reports today.

Though no direct claim has been made that the two people obviously share principles and core beliefs just because of their preferred mode of transport, many have leapt to the conclusion that they are now essentially the same person.

Reporter Simon Williams told us, “Jimmy Savile had a Rolls Royce, and Rupert Murdoch has been seen inside a Rolls Royce. Therefore Rupert Murdoch drives a Jimmy Savile style car – QED.”

“I’m not saying Rupert Murdoch abuses kids, obviously, but if that is the image that is put into your head when we say Rupert Murdoch has been seen in a Jimmy Savile-style car, then that is not my fault.”

“What happens in the car when Rupert Murdoch is in it, we would not dare speculate, but we could probably speculate about what happened in the same type of car when it was driven by Jimmy Savile.”

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“Maybe those cars are particularly good for planning particular things? Maybe a certain type of person is drawn directly to that sort of car.  Who knows, I am not an expert.”

“All that we know – and know for certain – is that when Rupert Murdoch went looking for a car, he chose one that was loved by known paedophile Jimmy Savile.”

“How many of ‘known paedophile Jimmy Savile’s preferences Rupert Murdoch actually has himself, we don’t know – but it definitely extends to cars.”

“Does it go further? We’ll leave you to be the judge of that.”