Behaving like a fat person ‘the key to becoming a fat person’, finds study

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If you behave like a fat person, then you are much more likely to become a fat person, a new study has revealed.

If your idea of an active day is numerous engagements with large plates of food, then this could be the main contributing factor behind your need for XXXL clothing, the University of Cambridge found.

Lead researcher Simon Williams was confident the rigorous experiments undertaken in a controlled environment supported their findings.

“Our research quickly established that people who are able to exercise a modicum of restraint when presented with huge amounts of food, are 100% less likely to need two seats on an aeroplane,” he told a seminar.

“If your first reaction to having food placed in front of you, is a race to see how quickly it can get into your mouth, then you are more likely to be enjoying life in the fat lane.”

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People who really, really like food have insisted that the study failed to consider the sense of satisfaction associated with stuffing your face at every conceivable opportunity.

As one such food fan explained, “The sheer ecstasy felt after consuming a dinner that would feed a family of four is mind-blowing, the research fails to recognise this.”

“It more than makes up for being the size of a family of four.”