Fishmonger refuses to sell shellfish for religious reasons

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A family-owned fishmonger is refusing to sell prawns, shrimps and mussels due to the owner’s religious beliefs.

Simon Williams, 38, is either a Jew, a Christian or a Shi’ite Muslim, whichever you find least offensive in the context of a joke.

“I’m sorry, I just refuse,” said Williams, “some things are clearly set in stone for us by God himself and, for reasons that are clear to nobody, the consumption of shellfish is one of them.”

“So you’re not having any.”

“I absolutely will not compromise the rules of my faith for somebody else’s lifestyle choices, and neither will my husband.”

Emma Greenaway, a regular customer, said “It does seem a little odd; presumably he knew he’d have to sell shellfish occasionally when he took the job.”

“If he’s that keen to not give people what they want, he should have applied for a job with the post office.”

“I’m even less impressed with his suggestion that perhaps I would like to serve my dinner guests a ‘cod cocktail’; that just sounds faintly obscene.”

Williams has received support from several other members of his religion.

“Excellent, obviously,” said Andrew Penn, one of said members.

“Eating shellfish is categorically wrong because it’s in a book that I believe in, but that most other people do not.”

“Plus I don’t personally like the idea of eating shellfish, so I don’t see why anyone else should be allowed to either.”