JK Rowling reveals that Voldemort actually pronounced ‘Dave’

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JK Rowling has shocked Harry Potter fans by revealing that the name of the wizard’s arch-nemesis Voldemort is actually pronounced ‘Dave’.

The revelation came on Twitter when Rowling was questioned about the correct pronunciation of the name, given that no-one had ever seen or heard of it before the books were published.

The author replied, “It’s strange, because I’ve heard so many people say the name, but it’s actually pronounced Dave. It’s a bit like a Gaelic name in that respect.”

“By the time I went to visit the set of the first film, it was too late to correct them, so I just let them get on with it.”

“There’s actually a few other names you’ve been getting wrong, seeing as we’re on the subject.”

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“Hermione is actually pronounced ‘Susan’, and Ron is pronounced ‘Won’, like you’d expect Jonathan Ross to say it.”

“Sometimes it’s hard for an author to accurately create their universe on the page, so I’m sorry if those names didn’t pop out to you, the reader, quite as I had intended.”

“But you’re all pronouncing Dumbledore as ‘Trevor’, right?”