9/11 anniversary an inside job, claim conspiracy theorists

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The anniversary of 9/11 is an inside job orchestrated annually by the US Secret Services, conspiracy theorists have insisted today.

Morons across the globe believe the anniversary to be a government plot to encourage the American masses to commemorate an event which was a government plot to encourage the American masses to support war in the Middle East.

Conspiracy theorist, Chuck Williams, said the level of organisation required to carry of a memorial of such scale pointed to a coordinated effort at the highest level to deceive US citizens.

“It is shocking to witness what is clearly the result of detailed planning – which would have had to have been facilitated at the very highest levels of American Government – played out in such a public fashion,” he told us.

“You think this anniversary happened thanks to a few disorganised people wanting to pay homage to those who died? Get real. This was no coincidence.”

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“I wouldn’t be surprised if the President not only knew about this anniversary, but that he personally signed off on it.”

White House spokesman, Simon Hilary, refused to comment on the President’s direct involvement in the 9/11 anniversary, leaving many to speculate that he was in fact behind the entire plan.

Williams went on, “See! He’s as guilty of planning this anniversary as my wife is of planning my birthday party.”

“Why can’t you sheeple see it?”