Prince Charles celebrates record as longest serving heir apparent

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Prince Charles is celebrating today after learning his record-breaking time as heir apparent is unlikely to ever be beaten.

Whilst the Queen is getting most of the plaudits today for not dying yet, Charles himself should be recognised for his selfless years of waiting for her to die.

Experts have said that at 63 years and 7 months (and counting) his time as heir apparent is unlikely to ever be beaten.

“Certainly not in the lifetime of anyone currently alive,” said royal expert Roger Walden-Smythe.

“Charles is a wonderful example to us all that waiting patiently for a promotion you think your deserve is such a terribly British thing to do.”

“We believe the previous record for someone waiting on a promotion that they think is around the corner is Simon Williams, who waited 22 years to become a shift supervisor at McDonald’s.”

We asked Williams for his opinion on Charles’ achievement.

He told us, “It’s some record Prince Charles has got there, and I can only say to him that experience tells me that one day he will get that job.”

“It just takes a horribly unfortunate workplace accident for someone above you, and the manager being left with no other option but to give you the reins.”

“I wish him luck.”