Chas & Dave to sing unofficial Bond theme

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Rockney folk duo Chas & Dave are to record and unofficial Bond theme for the new film ‘Spectre’.

The new track is being kept firmly under wraps, but insiders say it truly captures the magic of a London man getting by in the modern world.

With a working title of “It Ain’t All Jellied Eels Guvnor“, the track is said to carry a haunting melody reminiscent of the duo’s hit single Snooker Loopy.

The first airing of the single will be held at a specially convened live music event in Room 4B of the Romford Community Centre, and will be live-streamed on the Internet if someone brings a 4G smartphone and knows how to live stream events.

Chas or Dave told us, “It’s a great honour to create an unofficial Bond theme, especially when you look at all the great artists who were also not asked to create an official Bond theme one.”

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“Stevie Wonder, Queen, even Take That – none of them have ever been asked to do a Bond theme, just like us.”

“We’re just like them when it comes to Bond themes, which is why we’re so proud of our unofficial track.”

“It includes all the references you’d expect from rockney folk singers who haven’t had any access to the script, or people involved in the film, or even watched the last one.”

“But let me tell you, if there’s a scene where Bond leaves a love interest baffled after he implies he’d like to do her up the ‘Khyber Pass’ because of the ‘Two and Eight’ of her ‘Boat Race’, then we’re quids in.”