Tuesday 8 September 2015 by Fionn Shiner

Migrant crisis caused by Labour overspending, claims government

Cameron Labour overspent

It has emerged today that the migrant crisis is a result of Labour overspending and also because Ed Miliband is Jewish.

The shocking news was revealed when a right-wing paper peddled the same tired lie and gullible idiots lapped it up like the brain-dead horde they are.

A fat bloke who everyone knows said, “Maybe if Labour hadn’t overspent so much then we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“Labour were not economically competent during their time in government and now here we are with mine and Shelly’s trip to Greece being absolutely ruined.”

Conservative MP, Simon Williams, spoke of the findings telling reporters, “This just confirms what we already knew.”

“Labour were reckless in their spending and now we have to feel sad about the brown people.”

“Maybe if David Cameron hadn’t been too busy clearing up Labour’s mess then he wouldn’t have had to reveal his true heartless, inhumane, insidious colours to the country.”

“Clearly, Labour has a lot of answering to do so we’re going to cut spending on disabled people.”

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