Gary Lineker to remain highest England goalscorer with hair

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Despite having scored fewer goals than Wayne Rooney and Bobby Charlton, Gary Lineker remains England’s top scorer with a full head of hair.

The coiferred forward scored 48 goals in 80 games for the national side, one less than both Rooney and Charlton, but retained his full complement of active follicles throughout his playing career.

As such, the Match of the Day presenter remains England’s highest scoring player with an entirely hirsute scalp.

England fan Simon Williams told us, “If you look at photos when Gary Lineker scored his last England goal, he still had a full thatch up top – even today he’s still got plenty there, even if it’s a bit grey.”

With Rooney expected to beat Sir Bobby Charlton’s goal-scoring record at some point in the coming months and years, online bookmaker such as are predicting it could be during tonight’s game against Switzerland.

However Lineker can relax that his title as England’s top scorer with a full head of hair is far from under threat.

As one football expert explained, “The next highest scorer who has a realistic chance of catching him is probably Harry Kane – and he only has two England goals.”

“So he’s a lot of matches, and a lot of years from even getting close to Lineker.”

“That said, those blond locks don’t look like they could be in it for the long haul, so another seven or eight years could see him joining the Rooney and Charlton ranks of balding goalscorers.”

“Either way, Lineker can relax.”