Unfunny man caught out after recycling entire Billy Connolly routine at dinner party

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A man has been left humiliated after he was exposed for being able to remember funny things that other people have said rather than actually being funny.

Steve Smith, 28, had been in the middle of a hilarious bit of whimsy about wildebeest which had “occurred” to him after a “nature documentary” that he “watched” on the “television”.

“That’s when I said ‘Billy Connolly wants his jokes back’ and everyone went deathly quiet,” said Tom Watts, 29, who was new to the group.

“I said it as a joke, I assumed everyone knew the wildebeest routine as it’s brilliant, as well as being quite old.”

“I didn’t realise I’d exposed Martin as being an uncreative, unfunny, attention-seeking fraud.”

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Party host, Eleanor Walker, said “It’s a crushing blow for all of us, and it ruined dessert, quite frankly.”

“I’d always been under the impression that Martin was some kind of undiscovered comedy genius, but it turns out he’s just a bloke with loads of stand-up DVDs and a lot of time on his hands.”

“It’s like finding out that Father Christmas isn’t real, except Father Christmas didn’t taint the enjoyment of my tiramisu, so this is worse I suppose.”

Smith is now to be shunned by his peers, in the hope that the misery and rejection will inspire him to be funny by himself in the future.