Hipster claims he was into Syrian refugees before it was cool

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Hipster Simon Williams has insisted he was into supporting Syrian refugees long before it went mainstream.

Williams claims he first supported the Syrian refugees back in 2011, when only Syrians from a few obscure towns were affected, and before the press started to take notice.

“Oh, you wouldn’t have heard of them,” Williams explained when pressed for details of the towns involved ‘back in the day’.

“I mean, I first heard of the Syrian refugees back when everyone else was into the Arab spring, but the coverage of the ‘spring’ went too commercial for my liking.

“I like my refugee crises off the radar, and I happened across this amazing set of people in Syria.  People said it would never amount to anything, but look at it now.

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“I remember talking to people about the 700 refugees who fled Tel Kalakh in 2011, when absolutely nobody even knew where it was.”

Williams went on to explain that since Syrian refugees went mainstream he has been looking elsewhere for causes to support.

He continued, “When something makes the front pages of the main newspapers, you know it’s time to move on and look for something else to be into.”

“You need to scour the less well-known publications and websites, which you’ll only do if you’re really into refugee crises, and not just doing it because it’s popular all of a sudden.

“Right now I’m into the Djibouti refugees, there are only 600 of them so I doubt you’d be interested to be honest.”

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