Deadline day transfer deal for Jeremy Corbyn falls through

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An audacious deadline day transfer bid for Jeremy Corbyn from the Liberal Democrats fell through at the last-minute after they were unable to agree personal terms.

The transfer failure will come as a disappointment to the Labour hierarchy who have found that, despite Corbyn’s popularity amongst the fans, he has proven to be an unsettling presence in the dressing room.

Corbyn has been a solid, if unspectacular performer for Labour over the years, operating as a marauding left-winger who could provide sterling support to strikers.

However, his recent performances have been stellar, and Labour had hoped to capitalise on his success by moving him on and shaping their team around young Andy Burnham upfront.

Unfortunately, it seems that Corbyn and the Liberal Democrats were too far apart on numerous issues to agree personal terms and as such he will continue with Labour and management will have to do their best to prevent dressing room splits.

It proved a quiet deadline day amongst the major parties.

Liz Kendall will continue on loan to Labour from the Tories, the Liberal Democrats were unable to bring anyone in with their small squad continuing to be a concern.

And despite huge financing from various shadowy figures of dubious legality, the Tories have been unable to make any deals.

With a major European campaign to contend, and an aging squad, this may prove a cause of regret.