Stop making personal attacks on those other twats, says Corbyn

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Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn has told his supporters to stop making personal attacks on those other twats he’s up against this week.

Corbyn’s fans, who have impressed external observers with the monomaniacal vehemence of their loathing of anyone who isn’t Jeremy Corbyn, have been asked to rein it in a bit for fear of making themselves look bad.

Instead it has been suggested they treat people who disagree with them with cordial respect at least until they’ve won, when the real purges can begin.

“I’m aiming to engage with a dialogue of respect with the selection of Red Tories, counter revolutionaries and also-rans I’m up against”, Corbyn told reporters.

“And I think it’s important to refrain from personal attacks against snivelling lickspittle crypto-Conservative Blairites”

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“So I encourage my supporters – whose efforts I genuinely appreciate – to be courteous towards my opponents regardless of how big a bunch of wankers they are.”

Labour’s hard left are determined to show unity at least until after the selection procedure, after which they can fall like rabid dogs upon their traditional enemy, each other.

The Conservative party declined to comment, as they didn’t want to draw attention away from their old foes fighting like rats in a sack on the six o’clock news every night.