Facebook auto-play videos criticised after people accidentally see George Osborne

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The video auto-play feature on Facebook has been slammed after thousands accidentally saw a video featuring George Osborne.

“It was awful,” said Liz Heaton, visibly shaken by the incident.

“I was just checking to see whose children had been adorable and what Nan had for tea, when all of a sudden this video started up and before I realised what I was watching it was…him.”

Unable to continue, Ms Heaton went for a lie-down.

The video in question features Mr Osborne in a hard-hat pretending to be enjoying the company of working-class people at a factory. It is certainly a distressing watch, particularly the moment when Mr Osborne laughs.

Facebook is facing criticism for not allowing users to select what videos they want to play.

“I was furiously masturbating,” said keen sexual pervert Simon Williams.

“When all of a sudden, in another window, this George Osborne video just started playing and it put me right off my stroke.”

“I mean, I don’t care how much effort two Russian girls are making, if you see a laughing George Osborne, you lose wood quicker than a lumber company with a hole in its fence.”

Facebook is said to be considering the auto-play option, and also banning videos with George Osborne.