Men basically fine with ‘Free the Nipple’ day

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Men have announced they are completely on board with ‘Free the Nipple’ day, and if they could have details of any protest marches then they’ll be happy to turn up in support.

“What; nipples?” said keen voyeur and borderline pervert Simon Williams.

“I’m all for them, basically. Brilliant.”

“And women actively want to expose their nipples when and wherever they like? Yes. Yes, that definitely works for me on every level.”

“So, if you just give me a minute to get my camera charged and I’ll be off to the protest to see if I can help out.”

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“Do you think anyone will need me to hold their bra?”

The ‘free the nipple’ demonstrations have become a mainstay of social media over the last year and initially arose for reasons that most men really, really don’t care about.

It is expected that before long, men’s support for the ‘free the nipple’ campaign could become so great that men outnumber women at future protests.

Not all men were as supportive though.

“To be honest, I’m more of a bum man,” said one.

“So, if you could let me know when there’s a ‘free the bottom’ protest, then I’ll be all over that.