Let’s focus on those declared ‘fit for work’ who are still alive, insists DWP

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After 2,380 people died within two weeks of being found fit for work, the Department for Work and Pensions said we should instead focus on those still alive.

Figures released after a freedom of information request showed that thousands of people died after being told by the government that their benefits were being stopped because they were well enough to go and get a job.

A DWP source explained, “This is nothing but a media witch hunt.”

“Rather than focus on the people who died within days of us declaring them fit for work, why not look at the thousands who are actually still alive?”

“I mean, a lot of them are in pain, incapacitated, or dealing with chronic health conditions of various kinds, but they’re still alive, right?”

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“But no, that’s not a ‘story’ is it? You’d rather talk about 90 people dying a month after we said they should get a job because you believe ‘lives are important’ or some other left-wing bullshit.”

“You just want to focus on the thousands of people we thought should go and find work but who actually ended up in the ground a few days later, all because it makes a good headline.”

The source then went on to say the link between being found ‘fit for work’ and dying soon after was a spurious one.

They continued, “Who’s to say we actually declared these people fit for work incorrectly? Maybe there’s a serial killer out there selecting victims based on those who are perfectly fit enough to get a job?”

“Maybe he’s killing three people a day? Have you considered that? No, because you’ve already made your mind up that we’re the bad guys, that’s why.”