Countries with gun controls continue to be at risk from tyranny, insist NRA

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America gun enthusiasts have again warned all countries with strong gun-control laws that they are in danger of oppression at any moment from a tyrannical government.

“I personally own several side-arms, two rifles, an AK-47, a cannon, and a tactical nuclear missile,” said NRA spokesperson Wayne Lepierre.

“And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that no US Government in my lifetime has become tyrannical.”

The Second Amendment to the US constitution allows for the right to bears arms as defence from Government tyranny.

“What you folks in countries with strick gun control need to realise is that the Government could march through your front door at any moment, sit on your sofa, drink your beer and watch your TV – and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

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“Which is why you need a terrifying arsenal of firearms in a cupboard under the stairs at all times.”

It is understood that many Americans believe that David Cameron has the look of a tyrant about him and would never dream of living in such a country as the UK without the right to shoot him in the face.

Many in the UK have sympathy with the idea.

America is joined by Zimbabwe, Sudan, Iraq, and Syria in the list of countries with liberal gun laws who have all thankfully remained free from a tyrannical government.