Wednesday 26 August 2015 by Matt Ward

Lorry driver breaks world record for longest overtaking manoeuvre

Lorry overtake

A spectacular new record has been set for the longest overtaking manoeuvre ever performed by a lorry on a UK dual carriageway.

The attempt, which took place on the A1 yesterday, saw a 38 tonne Scania overhaul a National Express coach in just under three and a half hours.

It began near Newark, passing through four counties before the driver finally completed the effort just south of Scotch Corner – a distance of 104 miles.

Blocking all available lanes for the duration of the attempt, both vehicles slowed to 17mph during a very slight incline near Wetherby – a scene described by other road users as “like watching an elephant seal race Rik Waller up a sand dune.”

Fifty-eight-year-old trucker, Simon Williams, who consumed four spicy chicken slices during the attempt, said the manoeuvre saved him valuable time, despite causing a nine mile tailback of pure hatred.

Other motorists said it’d be lovely if lorries could try to overtake quicker than the average lifespan of a mouse.

“I tried various ways of encouraging him to either abort the manoeuvre or maybe hurry the fuck up a bit,” said BMW driver, John Sanders.

“The usual swearing, hand gestures and coin throwing didn’t seem to work, so I tried one continuous blast on the horn from junctions 39 to 45.

“That didn’t work either, so I’ve resolved to find him one day and beat him to death with a steering lock.”

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