One Direction to ‘follow dream’ by taking over BBC weather

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One Direction are to split next year so that the group can follow their dream of taking over the Met Office’s BBC weather contract.

The band had hoped to keep their plans secret a little while longer, but with the BBC announcing the end of the Met Office contract their hand was forced.

“As soon as Harry and Liam learnt that the Met Office contract was up for tender, that was it,” said a source close to the group.

“Don’t get me wrong, they’ve always loved being the world’s biggest pop stars, adored by legions of fans around the world, but weather prediction is where their hearts lie, it always has.”

Both Harry and Liam were due to study Meteorology at university before entering X Factor in 2010, so the move is unlikely to come as a shock to fans.

“Yeah, it’s weird,” said One Direction superfan Carla Hammond.

“On the one hand, I’m really sad that they’re splitting up, but on the other hand, I’ll probably watch the weather loads more and be really excited about the weather and get weather maps for my wall and that.”

“You know, normal teenage stuff.”

Both Harry and Liam have yet to comment on the story, however they were seen at a high-class restaurant in LA yesterday in deep conversation, presumably about the precipitation levels and barometric pressure.

The other two members of One Direction are expected to take wildly different career paths.

Louis is expected to organise a New Labour coup to oust Jeremy Corbyn next autumn, and Niall will become a milkman.