One Direction take break to focus on comeback tour

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One Direction are to take a year-long break to concentrate on a lucrative comeback tour in early 2017.

According to reports Harry, Larry, Barry and Garry want to concentrate on their solo Twitter accounts before releasing a greatest hits album around Christmas 2016.

There has been no official word on the hiatus from the band’s management but an accountant insisted, “The break was planned with or without Zarry,” who left the group in March.

Larry was quick to reassure fans that the split would only be temporary.

“When we reform it will be like it was when we first got together,” he said.

“I promise that sometime in early 2017 we’ll announce that we can’t wait to get back and start working on someone else’s new material”.

Barry was also keen to quash rumours of a permanent split.

“Our fans are like our family, insomuch as we try and avoid contact with them unless they’re giving us money.

“Our greatest hits and comeback tour will be for them.

“But mostly for us.”